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We're a group of industry experts with diverse backgrounds from 16 countries.

We have a deep understanding of banking and finance. We also understand the challenges of building a solopreneur business. Solving the problems facing this economy’s workers means thinking about banking in a new way. At Noumena, we understand our role to be as much about financial design as it is about being financial providers.

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Meet the team

Arbel Eichbaum_edited_edited.jpg

Arbel Eichbaum

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A charismatic and candid thinker, Arbel combines a deep knowledge of U.S., European, and Asian markets with clear-cut, actionable insights.

Darunee Itthiputh.jpg

Darunee Itthiputh

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Bold and adept in managing complex financial transactions, Darunee is an active leader who understands Asian businesses, institutions, and markets inside and out.


Lynne Hart.jpg

Lynne Hart

Obsessed with optimization, Lynne brings a data-driven mind to the efficient functioning of Noumena’s diverse and distributed team.

Jaideep Krishna.png

Jaideep Khrishna

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An experienced and creative thinker who thrives in uncharted terrains, Jaideep provides clarity and structure to an ambitious suite of projects.

Andre Lee.jpg

Andre Lee

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Andre is wired to think differently. Add to this a rare dexterity with financial instruments, markets, IP and invention, and you get a compelling track record of big ideas turned into impactful, real world solutions.

Jamie McWilliam.jpg

Jamie McWilliam

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A creative and energetic mind, Jamie leads the structuring, modeling, and development of numbers- driven solutions.


Damien Wood

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Damien has a trained mind for discerning weak from robust patterns. His research leadership is key to helping Noumena make calculated moves in a largely uncharted freelance economy.

Fiona Pietruski.jpg

Fiona Pietruski

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With a strong belief in the collective power of consumers and a consumer-centric marketing approach, Fiona connects new product innovations with marketing strategy, technology, and data.

Daniel Kim.jpg

Daniel Kim

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Daniel brings 25 years’ experience in global capital markets, investment banking, and private equity in the U.S. and Asia, and extensive nonprofit leadership experience to Noumena’s team.

Michael Hollerich.jpg

Michael Hollerich

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A seasoned banking and compliance executive with 30 years’ experience in both U.S. and international finance, Michael helps innovate next-gen banking services for clients, while also keeping Noumena compliant.

John Birge.jpg

John Birge

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Known for his curiosity, humor, and enthusiasm, John has executive-level experience in traditional and emerging marketplace lending across multiple asset classes and a track record of driving results through superior analytical, communication, and leadership skills.


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