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Data-driven stories reveal desirable asset class

Noumena understands freelancers, solopreneurs, independent workers, and founders

Noumena understands the value of a freelancer, solopreneur, independent worker, or founder. We provide a platform for freelancers to share, collaborate, and create. Our methodology reveals the attributes of this asset class and the value they have the potential to deliver. Noumena gathers and gains insight into the stories of freelancers and packages those insights into terms that are easier to understand. 


What a freelancer’s story can illustrate:

  • education and professional experience

  • the hard and soft skills associated with business success

  • business plans, future goals, progress toward goals 

  • future earning potential

  • risk tolerance


The more data points, the more accurate the picture. And the more data points consistently updated, the fresher the story, the easier to predict performance, and the lower the investment risk. Stories, in other words, allow banks to quickly see that freelancers are a desirable asset class. 

Low-risk, high-reward

Traditionally, this asset class might represent a small percentage of a bank’s existing customer base. But currently they make up 37% of the working population. A growing group, in some countries by 2030 more than 50% of the working population will be freelancers.


Our methodology allows us to anonymously match up capital providers with an asset class of individuals looking to grow their businesses. We deliver underwriting, servicing, and portfolio capabilities to capital providers who want to invest in the future of work.


We believe the qualities that define successful freelancers are also what makes them a unique, differentiated asset class, offering investors a superior risk-adjusted return uncorrelated to the benchmark equity index returns. Or put simply, it’s what makes them low-risk, high-reward investments.

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What is a Noum?

Noums are the core operating system for the Noumena platform. They are the adaptive digital workspaces that freelancers use for projects, collaboration, payments, and contracts. Every time a member creates a Noum or completes an action within a Noum, it automatically adds to their story. Noums are also the primary tools for facilitating threaded financing. They are the hub where the borrower, the lender, and anyone the borrower invites can interact and learn from each other.

Our members

See examples of talented and skilled people who are joining Noumena for professional support and financial solutions.

influencer usecase.jpg

Beauty Industry Influencer

With more than 250,000 followers, she’s considered an expert in her niche. She understands sourcing quality and has already marketed a few products online to her followers. She sees a big opportunity to grow her brand and expand her product lines. She’ll need financial support and an experienced network to make it happen. 

  • Years freelancing: 6

  • Relevant experience: 10 years working in corporate product marketing 

  • S Corp

  • Monthly income range: $8,000-$20,000

  • Debt: student loans, some credit card balances

  • Financial needs: investment to develop a unique product and packaging prototype.

startup usecase.jpg

Startup Solopreneur

Currently working in technical business development, this solopreneur knows how to sell a technical solution to a target market. He’s developed his own solution and has recently been piloting it with small groups. Next steps include adding a few part-time software development contractors. Not ready to think about equity financing, he’s seeking funds that enable him to accelerate product development and increase user outreach.


  • Years as solopreneur: 2

  • Relevant experience: 15 years in business development

  • LLC to earn money for the startup business

  • Monthly income range: $10,000-15,000

  • Debt: student loans

  • Financial needs: Overhead costs to pay for office space and subcontract support team

podcast usecase.jpg


A seasoned writer with extensive training and experience, he’s developed and created integrated marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 brands and startups, including podcasts, and radio and TV spots. As his business demands grow, he’s started training contractors to support the demand and has also created his own podcast and self-publishing books on the subject. Now, he’s looking to invest in building out his second “coaching” income stream into a more sustainable business.

  • Years freelancing: 10

  • Relevant experience: 9 years in content creation for a range of Fortune 500 clients

  • Sole Proprietor

  • Monthly income range: $2,000 - $25,000  AND $2,000 - $18,000

  • Debt: large business credit card balance

  • Financial needs: Podcast equipment, full-time contractor to support operations, branding help, and a business manager.

Noumena for freelancers

Every independent worker needs financial tools and services that meet their unique needs and set them up for growth. This asset class sees themselves individually as businesses and want to be treated like one. They’re seeking professional support and financial solutions.

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Contact us and let's talk about how we can help your organization benefit from our tailored services.

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