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Access a growing, overlooked asset class

Noumena connects those who can fund businesses to those who want to grow their businesses.

More than 300 million active freelancers – growing to as many as 2 billion by 2035 – power the global, digital, on-demand economy. They include solopreneurs, influencers, independent contractors, single-service small businesses, and early-stage entrepreneurs.


They’re passionate, talented people who are dedicated to their growing businesses. They’re searching for allies who can help them access capital to take entrepreneurial risk and reduce cash flow uncertainty.

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The Challenge

Tell the full story

The traditional data points banks use to evaluate risk – like income and credit history – don’t always tell the whole story of this asset class. The problem is that the information about a freelancer’s businesses isn’t easily discoverable.

The Solution

Unlock potential value

Noumena understands the value and opportunity that freelancers, solopreneurs, independent workers, and founders bring. We’ve developed a threaded finance platform and methodology that helps us understand the attributes of this asset class.

We gather our members’ stories and package them into data-rich insights that reveal their potential value. We’re better able to predict the financial picture they’re likely to face and where the needs and opportunities are. Noumena connects capital providers who want to lend or invest in the future of work with a growing and often overlooked asset class.

The Market

‘Better off than your parents’ has become a coin toss.

As a new generation enters the workforce, increasingly burdened by student debt, owning fewer assets, borrowing more, and yet still embracing the new ways of working, they’re looking for a banking system that serves their needs.


The driving principles of the current economy are different from those that defined our past. Digital technologies have done more than just speed up business as usual; they’ve changed the rules. 


To adapt, banks can become adept at networking and seamlessly integrate productivity tools and business services along with the traditional financing and banking services.


This economy lives by new rules, and Noumena is designing the financial solutions needed to realize its potential.


Contact us and let's talk about how we can help your organization benefit from our tailored services.

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